Here are just two buyers reporting their buying expiereice with Cricket's Penny and Bill Webb.

Yelp Five Star review from a San Ramon crab buyer on 11/17/2010.

I've been coming here for several years, and have enjoyed the experience each time. If you live in the East Bay, you may wonder if its worth the drive. For me, it is. I usually find it relaxing, and nice way to start the day once you hit the coast. There is a sign once when reach the pier showing what boats are in and what they are selling. The people on the boats are very friendly, and I agree about all the positive comments about the Webb's. I try to call a few days in advance so they know I'll be there. Sometimes there are other boats selling whole fish. Check them out. The little store at the top will clean your fish for you for a small fee.

For the crabs, make sure you bring a cooler to put the crabs in for the way home. I steam them as soon as I get home, why wait?

Yelp Five star review from San Francisco crab buyer on

This is the place to buy crab. Period. When you get here, go directly to the sign that reads, "Bill's Crabby Crabs". Bill and Penny, owners and operators of The Cricket, are really nice people and will definitely send you off with more crab than you expected to leave with. Great atmosphere, freshest crab you can get (they were still fighting each other when I got home), and a VERY reasonable price.

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